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Dr Aaron M Turpeau

600 West Peachtree St.
Atlanta, GA 30308
P: 678-522-6548
F: 404-876-4262
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Dr Aaron M Turpeau
Dr. Aaron M. Turpeau, Ph.D, LPC


Please read some of the testimonials from clients on my website. Please give me a couple that no other counselor could reach. Please give me a couple that wants a happy marriage, who can't find a book or counselor who could challenge them. Please give me a client who has relationship problems for her/his entire life. Please give me a couple that has no hope. Please give me a couple that has suffered form infidelity and I'll work to turn them into a very loyal couple. I'll make marriage and love relationships, if not fulfilling, at least a satisfactory experience. I want my clients to take my relationship lessons into all aspects of their lives.

I put my heart and soul to counsel every client. I counsel with absolute passion as if the whole world depends on what I do. It does. You'll notice that I get high from counseling.

I have been very happily married since 1992. I have not had to work very hard to maintain this happy marriage. A large % of marriage problems can be easily if you change some perspectives if you know the techniques.

*Counseling experience: Licensed since 1998.

*Grad degree: Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, M.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling, M.Div. in Theology

*Professional exams passed: National Counseling Exam

*Forte: Mostly counsel marriage and love relationships.

I think I am good at understanding what coupes are thinking incorrectly, and then I try to adjust their fundamental understanding of certain concepts. I believe all relationships should be harmonious. I love to reach out to couples and make them understand why the particular perspectives and behaviors they are learning from me are beneficial. I try to make them understand that marriage problems are just like games, and once they learn the right perspectives and techniques it is easy for them to win.

My day-to-day work experience with marriage and love relationships have increased my depth of understanding on all types of marriage and relationship issues such as selecting a harmonious mate, improving communication, building trust that has been broken, loving effectively, committing to your marriage as a high priority.

I am available 4 days a week as early as 9am and as late as 7pm with appointments and I am willing to travel for counseling.

I live to improve the love life of as many people as I can.

Let's enjoy learning and unlearning.


For more information about Dr. Turpeau you may check out his website at www.DrTurpeau.com . There you will find out more information as to why he is considered the premier African American Counselor in Atlanta. You'll get more information about his best selling book The Harmonious Way as well as his counseling services. You will be able to read what others have to say about their experiences with him and contact him for counseling as well as speaking engagements.




Licensed Professional Counselor

American Counseling Association

  • PH.D.@University of Georgia
  • M.Ed.@University of Georgia
  • M.Div.@School of Theology at Claremont

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Christian, Any religion,

African-American, Other,


Divorce Counseling
Life Transitions
Mens Issues
Religious Issues
Relationship/Marriage Counseling
Spiritual Issues


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Cognitive/Behavioral (CBT)

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