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LaQuita Suggs, LCSW

5220 Clark Ave. Ste 345
Lakewood, CA 90712
P: 310-480-7166
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LaQuita Suggs, LCSW
Ms. LaQuita S. Suggs, LCSW

There is nothing wrong with reaching out to others. In the midst of facing life's struggles, dealing with disappointment and trying to maintain normalcy, it is necessary to talk with someone who wants to listen. Life issues unexpected blows and I would like to assist you with embracing the strength that lies within. I believe that excellence is an innate characteristic of our being that will manifest with support and nurture.

I have a 10 years of experience working with various populations in multiple settings. With my hands extended I welcome you to get in touch with who you are in a nonjudgmental and strength based manner. I offer a safe and compassionate setting where you can eplore your feelings, cry, yell and then learn effective problem solving, decision making and communication skills while building your resiliency and coping abilities.

No matter what you are facing, don't give up, don't say it's no use, don't be dismayed, just keep living, hold your head up and remember there is a purpose for your existence. So, get the life you need NOW!!!!


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